Diego Little
Diego Little
May 3, 2022

What is mood tracking?

Mood tracking is the practice of recording how you’re feeling every day into a log. This log can contain an overall https://mindsanctuary.net/library/mood, specific symptoms, and anything else you think would be important to keep track of. As you build a history of your moods, you can see how they change over time and find out what might be influencing how you’re feeling.

Benefits of tracking your mood

Tracking your moods can provide many benefits for improving mental health and increasing productivity.


The world is becoming increasingly fast-paced and it can be difficult to have the time to check in with yourself and your feelings. Recording your mood each day gives you an opportunity to be aware and mindful of your mood.

Insight and patterns

As you record your https://mindsanctuary.net/library/mood each day, you develop a long history of data that can give you insight into your mental health and the factors that affect it. For example, you might learn that your mood tends to fluctuate every 5 days or that certain medication causes you to have mood swings.

Who should track their moods?

Anyone can track their moods to help them find stability and insight into their mental health. It might be especially useful for those that have frequent mood swings or struggle with disorders such as Bipolar Disorder or Depression.

Bipolar Disorder

Mood tracking for bipolar disorder can help you see patterns in mania and depression. It can allow you to see how frequently your phases change and how long they last.


Mood tracking for depression can let you see what factors might be causing you to feel depressed. You can see how factors like sleep, diet, medication, treatment, exercise, and mindfulness all contribute to your mood.

How can I start tracking my mood?

You can start tracking your mood by using a journal or by using an app like Mind Sanctuary that makes it easy to log your mood each day. Try to track your moods at regular intervals to get the most consistent and reliable data. You can signup to Mind Sanctuary at http://mindsanctuary.net/auth/signup#