About us

Many people can't access therapy, are too busy, or simply need an immediate source of wellness that scheduled appointments can't provide. Mind Sanctuary is mental health app designed to be a source of comfort and healing for those struggling with mental illness by providing an easily accessible place to recenter your mind in times of stress and pain. We believe that technology can be used to provide a unique solution that classic psychotherapy can't.

What we provide

We provide a central platform for users to access several tools for managing their mental health. The first tool allows users to track their moods on a calendar and journal about their moods. This allows the user to have a place to record and find insights into the patterns of their moods. Journaling is also a great outlet for working through painful feelings especially under the guidance of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The second resource we provide are psychometric assesments which are a collection of self-assesments that users can take to gain a deeper insight into their health and psyche. Often times many people don't know if they really have mental illnesses that need further assistance like severe depression and anxiety so we aim to guide the user to get the proper help.

Our vision for the future

We aim to continue developing more features that cover a wider range of needs as well as improve and add to our existing features. We want the product to provide an experience that is custom tailored to fit each unique user and their needs. Some features we have in mind include a chatbot that can help guide you through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as you work through your emotions. We also hope to create a collection of exercises and activities that can help improve the users emotional intelligence and coping skills.

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